Design and industrialization, to customer specification
Having always aims to provide the customer with a 360 ° service, Elettronica Bazzanese has selected a network of qualified partners for the design of hardware and software and the creation of master circuit, putting in contact the customer directly with the Partner concerned with the end of a better optimization and thus lower cost of the product.
Materials supply
In addition to search the material (to customer specification) at national and international suppliers in order to provide the service of c/full, execute without any problem assemblies with materials supplied in c/work by the customer.
Mechanical assembly
Elettronica Bazzanese it is able to assemble the electronic boards produced, directly on particular mechanical, carpentry, plastic or metal containers with relative supply of the same.
Supply cables, wiring, etc.
In various occasions such as assemblies, sets of cards or other mechanical parts, Elettronica Bazzanese can normally handle (thanks to close cooperation with external partners) procurement of cables, wiring, flate cable, etc.., All specifications and approval of by the same customer.
Conformal coating
In view of applications in harsh environments (rain, contact with acids and more) can provide the service of conformal coating with different types of resins.
Elettronica Bazzanese, on request of the customer, is able to offer a service of Burn-in in order to simulate un'invecchiamento of cards with thermal cycles ranging from -40 to + 180C (on a room of about 150lt) and can perform test on cards fed with temperature up to 60C in the room of larger dimensions.
Elettronica Bazzanese thanks to its staff offers the customer a rapid prototyping service.
Upon specific customer request, all raw materials are purchased via fast channels.
Assembly lines are dedicated exclusively to the realization of prototypes.


Elettronica Bazzanese assemble any kind of PTH or SMD components (including the mode RoHS).
Assembling components PTH
With the help of inseritici axial / radial, we can mount in automatic mode a wide range of components, such as diodes, resistors, LEDs, and Scatolini ceramic capacitors, transistors, etc.; the remaining components of '' completion '' are inserted manually thus allowing high performance with cost containment.
The production of small quantities are assembled by our operators in manual mode.
Welding PTH components

It can be done with wave soldering machine with tin or selective soldering (even when it is present in the botton side of the SMD components already soldered to recast) with tin / lead 63/37% or alloys '' lead free '' (RoHS compliant 2002 / 85 / EC).

In support of the Smd assembly, is also used a new machine for rework of BGA (disassembly and reassembly) and relative location RX for the control of the correct mounting of BGA components (comes reports to the customer).

Assembly SMD components

For the assembly of this type of components, are used of machines called Pick & Place, which take the component dall'apposito container and deposit it on the printed circuit previously screen-printed of a cream tin.

The serigraphic employed are automatic or semi-automatic with optical control.

We can assemble almost all of the components in the SMD on the market today, despite the continued birth of components difficult to handle due to the continuous reduction of the containers.
The assembly can be done either on one side (top side) which on two sides (side Botton) with reflow soldering on both sides, or on the side recast Top and Botton glue point on the side where it is preferred subsequently to solder the components in PTH wave of tin and not with the selective soldering.

Even for this technology components you can use creams tin tin / lead or '' lead free '' (RoHS compliant).

In support of SMD mounting, a new machine is also used for rework of BGA (disassembly and reassembly).


Our procedures include a thorough inspection of incoming materials according to customer specifications and, where applicable, a special collection and archiving of data and code source data, in order to obtain any secure traceability.

The materials (in particular those exceeding the orders worked) are stored in three automatic warehouses in order to optimize the surfaces, our productivity and, not least, the storage of material protected from dust or other unfavorable situations.


Optical Inspection

On each component assembly in SMD, is that we procedurato control with a machine "inspector optics" (Saki) is performed at 100% of the lot in order to detect possible errors arising from the previous processes, such as missing parts, poor recast etc...

This type of control over sampling, is performed only at the specific request of the customer because of the high incidence of the cost of the machine program. On a few boards is still performed a visual inspection.

In-circuit testing

In the face of the printed circuit boards with specially crafted during burning and / or after our analysis of a sufficient test coverage on the components on the card, we are going to run a check '' in-circuit''con machine probes (flyng Probes) in order to exclude defects such as short circuits, values ​​out of tolerance, open components, defective or absent.

Being tested in-circuit functional testing prior to each, we have the ability to program almost all of the programmable devices, such as microprocessors, flash, etc..

Functional testing: tests are usually performed on benches stand alone specification of the Customer.

The PRO7.5 VEE software and tools HP AGILENT ensure that they are applied '' simulation and verification on the features of the card, alternatively these are tested on specific banks where it is the principle of operation of the ''machine'' the customer.
The products are tested on test benches ATE that with the aid of the software operated by the PC, developed in-house by our engineering Electronics Bazzanese, allowed over time to minimize the component ''umano'' that error on test benches dedicated, could have the greatest impact, in fact, the software tells the operator whether or not the test is compliant with the specifications, leaving no room for personal interpretation.

All equipment is calibrated annually at a SIT center

Upon Customer's request, Elettronica Bazzanese can provide a service for traceability of components and boards on which the label is applied barge (the label is applied if all tests passed).

Through the internal management and proper database is possible to trace the DDT purchase of the individual components.

Functional Tests
The tests are usually performed on stand-alone counters according to the Customer's own specifications. The VEE PRO7.5 software and HP AGILENT tools ensure that simulations and checks are performed on the board's functionalities, alternatively they are tested on specific banks where the operation of the Customer's "machine" is reproduced. The products are tested on A.T.E. that thanks to the help of the software managed by the PC, developed internally by the technical office of Elettronica Bazzanese, has allowed over time to minimize "human error" that on the dedicated test benches could affect more, in fact the software indicates to the operator whether the test conforms to the specifications or not, without leaving room for personal interpretation.
All the instruments are calibrated annually at a S.I.T. center At the request of the customer, Elettronica Bazzanese can provide a traceability service for components and boards on which a barcode label is applied (the label is applied if all the tests have been exceeded). Through internal management and special databases it is possible to have the traceability of the components mounted on each individual lot.
Visual inspection

At the end of the various tests laid down, is still performed by a general visual inspection with the aim of ensuring a product thoroughly clean, free from traces of flux.

The cards that did not pass the test at the end of the above processes or in the case of returns from customers, the company is present in an area designed for the repair with adequate instrumentation for rework.
Climate Room
Inside the company there is a climatic chamber for the burn in test, it is possible to perform tests from -80 ° C to + 150 ° C and possibly also with simulation of humidity. The chamber can perform programmable test cycles or tests in manual mode by setting the desired temperature and humidity value.
Dry tab
In the case of cards reworked or samplings with mounting and manual welding and, in any case, when necessary, carry out a washing of the card with a washer jet forced a solution '"acquadistillata / Vigon" thus ensuring the removal of any part or trace of flux welding.
A completed product, deliveries are made directly by us or in areas adjacent to our headquarters, while for destinations outside of our area, are performed by contracted carriers.


Elettronica Bazzanese, since the early 80s, has chosen (in addition to managing orders only c / work) to employ a large part of its resources to the management of the components used by its customers and has developed over time a significant amount of collaboration and a high rating (not least) with the best national and international distributors including several operators of "brokerage"; with the aim of research at the global level components such as hard to find obsolete materials, high lead time, etc.

Particular attention is used in ordering the material, strictly according to customer specifications; only in the event of supply difficulties we propose alternatives to the customer may be included in the bill.